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There are many forms of mold ranging from mild to heavy. Not all mold is created equal. Some are rather tame. But some are outright toxic. The ‘worst’ kind of them all that takes the cake is ‘Black Mold’. It grows ‘anywhere’ and ‘everywhere’ where moistures present.

If you’re home has water damage, known or unknown, or if there’s an area in your home unusually damp, 9 times out of 10 you likely took notice of the situation several days too late and you’re in need of our professional remediation. If you attempt to do it yourself you’ll be met with really nasty consequences that could very well land you or a loved one with a weaker immune system (elderly or children) in emergency care from over-exposure and improper handling. Don’t take any chances.

Our technicians are professionally trained in the latest procedures to contain further infestation. We train our men to use the right methods for every unique situation, to use personal protection, and be aware of health hazards with extensive safety precautions.

We utilize HEPA air filters and vacuums to extensively minimize and control any possibility of cross contamination.

Here’s How We Remediate Mold In A Nutshell:

First, we locate and identify the original source.

Secondly, we make great strides to contain and then eliminate the spread of all spores.

Third, we use a negative air filtration system to filter and destroy mold.

Fourth, we toss out anything too badly affected and or contaminated with mold that’s beyond salvaging and needs to be thrown out to prevent ‘re-contamination’.

Fifth, we recommend trusted contractors to re-build and re-store the damage if requested.

We leave ‘nothing’ to chance. We’re good at what we do. This is why our customers consistently recommend us as a need arise with their family, friends, neighbors, even strangers.

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